Two great CDs: Just Kiddin’ is filled with songs and stories especially for the child’s imagination. Portraits is filled with their special lyrical music for the rest of us.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to the musical talents of Kate and Amy knows how very gifted they are.  Longtime fans and new ones alike won’t be able to resist this opportunity to get some of their new music.” 
—Mike Stone, Recording Industry Legend


A journey through the ups and downs of life. Original songs of mothers and children, lovers and liars, ancestors and angels—life’s characters brought to life in song.


Each song tells a different tale, and the music reflects this. One tale might have a jazzy feel, while another might recall old Irish legends. All are told with great warmth. The Train to Baltimore gets a wonderful folk arrangement. This is a love story, the kind that has a happy ending. This kind of sweetly romantic tale is one that many artists today can not pull off without cynicism creeping in. Danaher & Cloud play it straight, and make the story utterly convincing.”
— Oliver di Place


A naughty goat who eats a red shirt, a fiddler who can only play when she's asleep, a jealous giant fooled by a little lady.

This CD shows children the power of imagination and encourages them to sing songs, play music, and be the tellers of their own magical tales.

A wonderful CD to share with kids...children will be captivated...the sounds of the fiddle throughout are heartwarming...whisks you away to another place and encourages you to use your imagination to travel to places you’ve never been...beautiful harmonies...sweet and well-written...beautiful vocal performance...witty and fun.” —Parents’ Choice

“These are adorable songs and stories from the team of Kate Danaher and Amy Cloud.  Like all good children’s entertainment, this CD has a timeless quality, wholesomeness without being smarmy, and a down-home real-life feel to it....Together, the folk duo is winning the hearts of kids lucky enough to find this album in their CD players.”—NAPPA


WFUV – Woody’s Children (American Folk Music)
WXPN – Sleepy Hollow, Kids Corner
WSTW – Hometown Heroes
WVUD – American Roots Music
WKGC – Emerald Coast Studio Live
WCAT, WBCR – Just Imagine
WIKX—KIX Country Radio

The album opens with a haunting rendition of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. I have never heard of Gretchen Guard before, but based on the wonderful cover of her song Follow Now, O Shepherds, I will need to find out more. And an original song, The Little Birds in the Snow, is an eloquent reminder of the true spirit of the season. But I settled on Santa Claus, I Believe in You for its classic sound. This is a frothy and jazzy number that needs only to be heard by the right person in the music industry, and it will become a massive hit in a big, overblown arrangement. But I like it just as it is here, with a small combo, a spot-on fizzy vocal, and a wonderful lead part on fiddle.” 
Oliver di Place